Hi! I'm Jorge,
Full Stack Web Developer.
I Like Creating Things

- I'm a Web Developer based in NYC. I love creating websites and facing challenges head on. Endless learning is my hobby and implementing what I have learned is my passion. Here are some of the things I offer:


I create websites with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. I am comfortable with frameworks but I have no problem getting the job done without a framework as well.


I am in constant communication 100% of the way to make sure that your product is exactly the way you want it to be, right down to the pixel!


I can take an existing design you provide and create it for you or I can create one from scratch as well.

My Toolbox

Front End
-Bootstrap 3/4
Back End
-Node js
-Express js
Can't Hurt Right?
-Adobe Photoshop
-Command Line

Recent Work

D&J Photography Thumb

D&J Photography

A Photography website I created.

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Sarah's Mediterranean Cusine Thumb

Sarah's Mediterranean Cusine

Took an old restaurant website I found online and modernized it.

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Dummy Treehouse Page

Team Treehouse

I decided to recreate the front page of Team Treehouse.

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Noahs Food Nest

Noahs Food Nest

This is a fully functional website that I created to help my brother promote his business. It has payment integration through PayPal.

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JavaScript Score Keeper

JavaScript Score Keeper

My First app created to keep track of scores. Supports two players.

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Patatap Project

A fun little app that makes sounds and creates circles when pressing buttons on the keyboard.

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Todolist App

Todo-list App

A nice app to use to keep track of things you need to get done during the day. It even tracks what you have finished. Best suited for mobile devices.

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Taco Palooza Survey

Tacopalooza Survey

This is a survey for my make believe restaurant Tacopalooza! I created this to give myself some practice creating forms.

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Fall Website Template

Fall Template

Drawing inspiration from some sites I saw online, This template was created in the spirit of fall. Used to practice Flexbox and responsive design.

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Want To Work Together?

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your project. Then I will get in contact with you to schedule a time to chat. You can expect a reply within a day at most.

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